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Festival of Debate picks

Under the tagline We Need to Talk, Festival of Debate returns for spring 2019 – aiming to kindle conversations that might help to shift some clouds from around big issues, and clear paths towards answers to questions that can sometimes seem too big to ask.

Taking place in cultural venues, community centres and places of worship across the whole of Sheffield, the Festival of Debate 2019 programme aims to get people thinking about democracy, our planet, ideas for how we can all live together better and look to the future. There'll be open mic poetry nights, theatre that's both personal and political, radical standup comedy, documentary film screenings, and, of course, lots of conversation – on everything from climate justice and public ownership of public services to the gig economy and the "magic money tree".

Read on for what's still to come in our top picks from the programme, and be sure to look at the full listings on the Festival of Debate site – there's tons to get involved in, and much of it's free.