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African Fusion Dance Workshop

Free – donations welcome

"...release the energy, expand the soul, embrace the roots..."

Mulembas d'Africa dance class concept is strongly rooted in Angelina's Angolan background. It's name accentuates the Angolan spiritual guidance to pursue dance as a passion and communication method.

Mulembas is an African fig tree, also known as a royal tree. Its branches supply shadow and comfort, allowing meetings to take place between tribe chiefs and kings. It was under the protection of the Mulembas that the Angolan elders, the “Sobas” would meet to resolve any issues or arguments arising in their communities.

Angelina focuses on the primal power of movement as ritual and performance. A characteristic she currently employs in the delivery of her very successful creative movement workshops. It is through the rhythms of Kuduru, Kizomba, Semba, Rebita, and other African beats that Mulembas constitutes not just a dance class but a community to belong to.

This event includes interactive elements, which will only be available to those attending via Zoom on 15 June.

Or stream without interaction below.

Register for the workshop in advance.

Ages 12+

Free – donations welcome.

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