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Composed is a feminist investigation into social conventions, contained fury and work. A high octane show dealing with apologetic addresses, revved-up entrepreneurial spiel and whether or not you are asking for it.

From deconstructing the social conventions of a night at the theatre to exposing the silent sponsors lurking behind a theatre’s facades, performance artist Rosa Postlethwaite’s witty show draws on her own personal experiences of working in the arts industry. As she steps into the role of Master of Ceremonies performing an in-house announcement, a thank-you to the sponsors and a warm-up act, Rosa interrogates familiar theatre rituals and the changing relationship between a spokesperson and their institution.

Unpicking paternal attitudes towards “hard to reach” communities, welcoming the audience to “their” theatre, and behaving on the edge of acceptability, Composed shines a spotlight on the conversations that happen within our theatres but not on our stages. As she tours the country, with each show Rosa will respond to the specifics of the theatre building and audience on each night, and will ask if bullying and harassment has become normalised on and off stage.

As Rosa puts it: "the Master of Ceremonies is a vehicle for me to explore cycles of behaviour. Through this figure I interrogate both my personal identity, the privileges it affords me, and power of the impersonal, institutional voice. Driving the action, and unravelling the strength of my created persona, is my own resistance to responding to everyday micro-aggressions in a reasonable, measured and composed way.”

Suitable for ages 14+

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