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In partnership with Vídeo nas Aldeias, Exchange is a programme of films that reflect the diversity of the indigenous communities living in Brazilian territories. Whilst the environmental crisis threatens our everyday lives, these communities have an ancestral, peaceful and respectful way of organising their activities in harmony with their environment. What can we learn from their historical experience of resistance to threat – against their societies, their health, their ways of life?

The historic trauma of imperialism is unfolding, through globalisation, into the present technological dominance over the earth. In recognising how globalisation controls which stories are told and why, this strand of films reflects on this contemporary moment of being locked to our screens. Which stories matter to us now? How might we rethink humanities’ unequal presence and what is at stake? How do we choose to live now? How can we collectively, share responsibility, to learn and pass on, from one generation to the next, the idea that we are the land?

This programme is both a provocation and an invitation to those who are perhaps only now, waking up to the crisis of the western gaze, and its impact on the material world.

All films in the Doc/Fest Exchange strand are available to watch for free.

View the full Exchange programme on Doc/Fest Selects.

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