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People of faith have a unique contribution to offer in the pursuit of climate justice. All faith communities emphasise a deep interconnectedness between nature and the divine, and the importance of compassion for the Earth and all those who live on it.

Host Rosh Lal will be joined by Dr. Shanon Shah, Director at Faith for the Climate, Jasmine Khatri, Policy at Hindu Climate Action, and Naomi Reiss, co-founder of the Young Christian Climate Network.

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The Meditation Garden: for health, happiness and spiritual wellbeing

Tue. 15 June 2021

Alan Clements is the creator of the Cascades meditation garden near Matlock. Here, he will explore the question: why do we garden? He'll look at our interest in gardening and the satisfaction that we can get from creating a natural sacred space.

Hanging On

Sun. 13 June 2021


Screening as part of a collection of short films in Doc/Fest's Northern Focus strand, Hanging On is set in a former coal-mining community in Leeds. It spotlights the strength of a neighbourhood that unites when faced with eviction.

Our Mate, Max

Fri. 18 June 2021 — Sat. 19 June 2021

Portland Works

Follow the lives of two young men from starting secondary school, falling into university, being thrown into real life and becoming lost in the regularity of reality. Examining substance abuse, erectile dysfunction, grief, feeling lost, and hats.

Crazy Gary's Mobile Disco

Thu. 22 July 2021 — Sat. 24 July 2021

Portland Works

Join three young men on an epic quest to right their wrongs, find the perfect girl, and realise their greatest dream – getting the hell out. On the 20th anniversary, Gary Owen’s play about masculinity in crisis remains urgent and provocative.