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How I came to start a career as an African theatre practitioner

Thu. 9 July 2020 at 13:00


Alex Oma-Pius's love of theatre-in-education as a force for social change encouraged him to form IROKO Theatre Company in 1996. Join him for a talk followed by a Q&A with Tchiyiwe Chihana.

IROKO Theatre are winners of The Guardian Charity award ‘for innovative approach to education’. The company uses African theatre art forms to enhance learning, skills, health and wellbeing of people of all backgrounds and abilities. Alex is responsible for conceiving, developing and producing all IROKO’s creative work. As a facilitator and community theatre director, his work includes creative curriculum projects in primary and secondary schools and professional development programmes for teachers and drama tutors. Recent productions and performances include site-specific pieces in museums and heritage centres. He is a visiting lecturer in various universities in Britain and abroad, introducing students to African Theatre and Storytelling as part of their World Theatre Studies programme.

Alex has worked and continues to work as a Consultant for renowned British institutions like the BBC, the Royal Shakespeare Company, The British Museum and the Museum of London where he is a freelance tutor on Object Handling.

Alex’s contribution to the cultural life of Britain has been recognised by various bodies, notably the award he received from the Mayor of London for his “outstanding contribution to the cultural life of Londoners”.

Workshops and masterclasses in Utopia Theatre’s Creative Hub are for people of African origin aged 16 and above.

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