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In Conversation: Sile Sibanda & John Rwoth-Omack

Fri. 4 September 2020 at 11:00


Sille Sibanda hosts and chats to John Rwoth-Omack about his experiences as an African student at drama school and how he got into creating his own work in theatre. The conversations look at challenges he faced during his actor training that were perhaps different to his white counterparts, and the reasons he started creating his own work post training.

John Rwoth-Omack is a Ugandan born, London trained, and Sheffield bred and based actor, director and writer.

Workshops and masterclasses in Utopia Theatre’s Creative Hub are for people of African origin aged 16 and above.

Click here to book your place.

"As an artist, I aim to bring African stories, culture, and history to the canvas of theatre. This might include creating new pieces about, and with artists from the continent, staging plays that already exist, or adapting classics to an African context. I truly believe the African (Subsaharan African) culture is not present enough in the UK’s theatre scene. As a result, there’s a lower rate of participation both in audience members and practitioners from this sector of the community.

I hope that the rich theatrical scene we have in most Subsaharan African countries can be emulated in my productions, and in turn - whilst representing - give families a reason to visit the theatre, and for those that might be interested in a career, give them the audacity to try. For me, theatre has to be more than entertainment. There has to be a reason behind staging anything. It also has to educate, question the narrative and change attitudes. Challenging, I know, but we have to at the very least, try."

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Lyceum Theatre

From the front, the Lyceum is a candy-coloured palace, while inside, the gold swirls of its proscenium arch and its elaborate Edwardian fittings only add to the fairytale feel. The theatre is big on West End musicals, panto and opera.

Movement Direction + Dance Workshop

Multiple dates

Akeim Toussaint-Buck is an interdisciplinary performer and maker, born in Jamaica and raised in England. Join him for a this workshop looking specifically at the work of marrying text and movement and heightened embodied awareness as an actor.