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The Sheffield culture guide written by in-the-know locals

Magid Magid, photo by Nick Eagle

Sheffield Libraries are delving into our city's heritage of rebellion with Rebel Season this autumn and winter. The programme of online talks, podcasts and blog posts highlights some of the revolutionaries, radicals and troublemaking campaigners who have stood up for what they believed in and refused to play by the rules. The season also includes talks in partnership with the British Library focussed on the ongoing fight for women’s rights.

The Rebel Season programme:

Sylvia Pankhurst: Natural Born Rebel
Sylvia Pankhurst was a militant campaigner for women's suffrage, but also a gifted artist and orator, a designer, newspaper editor and radical visionary. Biographer Rachel Holmes chats with Shami Chakrabarti.
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White Supremacy: What You Need to Know
Black Lives Matter has focused attention on the impact of lived experiences of racism. But to what extent has anti-racism been incorporated into the fight for gender equality?
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Sheffield’s Feminist Rebels: Suffrage before the Suffragettes
9th November, 7.30pm
The first ever British petition for women's suffrage came from Sheffield in 1851. Dr Matthew Roberts tells the story.
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Find out more about local sites of suffrage campaigning with the Women's Suffrage Tour of Sheffield.

Folklore, Rebellion, and Reclaiming Robin Hood for Sheffield
12th November, 7.30pm
Dr David Clarke explores two legendary heroes from Sheffield's folklore: Saxon Earl Waltheof, and Robin of Loxley.
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Rebel Writing: Online Creative Writing Workshop
14th November, 11am
Look at rebels in literature and flex your writing muscles to write like a rebel.
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Gloria Steinem in Conversation
24th November, 7.30pm
Iconic feminist Gloria Steinem talks to Zeinab Badawi about her life and activism, discussing families, relationships, ageing, work, laughter, politics and revolution.
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No Laughing Matter: Comics and Rebellion
26th November, 7.30pm
Dr Harriet Earle discusses how comics are the perfect platform to make bold and sometimes incendiary statements.
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Rebellious Poetry: Sharing Poetry Online
28th November, 11am
Join poetry lovers online to share poetry on the theme of Rebellion. Bring along your own work or read someone else’s poem during this friendly and informal online poetry meet.
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Sheffield Troublemakers
30th November, 11am
Historian David Price traces Sheffield’s long history of radicalism, free-thinking and the important role the city played on the national stage.
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Resist: Stories of British Rebellion
3rd December, 7.30pm
Resist: Stories of Uprising is an anthology charting two thousand years of British resistance, with fictions and essays in which authors, historians and activists re-imagine twenty acts of defiance. In a panel event focussed on women’s rebellion through the ages, journalist Bidisha will discuss her story Boudica’s Rising (60AD), while historical consultant Jo Blackman and author Zoe Lambert discuss The Seeds of Hope protest (1996).
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Archive Recordings from the Living Knowledge Network
Sheffield Libraries is a member of The Living Knowledge Network, a UK-wide partnership of national and public libraries created by the British Library to exchange knowledge and develop memorable experiences for public library users. Watch a selection of recordings to accompany the Rebel Season:
David Olusoga in Conversation: Black History Matters
Young Rebels with Malorie Blackman
PEN Pinter Prize: Linton Kwesi Johnson
Jane Eyre: Gothic Rebel
Jacqueline Wilson: Rebel Girls

The Art of Disruption: Chatting with Magid Magid (Podcast)
Magid Magid came to Sheffield from Somalia as a refugee aged five. He is the youngest and first refugee and first Green Party Lord Mayor of Sheffield, and became an MEP for the Green Party in May 2019. His book The Art of Disruption: A Manifesto for Real Change is a guide to being courageous and community-minded, and to disrupting and dismantling age-old power structures in work, life and politics.
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Saxon Lord Waltheof and his Lost Hall in Hallamshire (Podcast)
Earl Waltheof was the last Saxon Lord of Hallamshire, executed by William the Conquerer for this part in the Northern rebellion. Prof John Moreland from the University of Sheffield and Dr David Clarke from Sheffield Hallam University look at Waltheof’s story, his place in English folklore, and the ongoing debate about the site of his Great Hall in Hallamshire.
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