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Audre Lorde

Video 28 (Flip the Script)

At a time when the mainstream of British film and broadcasting was very limited when it came to representation, in the 1970s and 80s groups of women began to organise to commit stories to film on their own, shared terms. Shapes that Move delves into the archives of feminist film collectives from the 70s to the present day, highlighting the power of the collective voice and bringing to the screen stories that explore British life through an intersectional lens – looking at the politics and experiences of race, class, nationality, gender, sexuality and labour. It's a programme of six screenings, each featuring short films grouped by theme, made by members of Sheffield Film Co-op, WiTCH, Leeds Animation Workshop, Liverpool Black Women Filmmakers, and more.

Flip The Script – Friday 7th June, 7:15pm, The Light
This collection is in praise of people who live beyond normative notions of gender or sexuality, and those who've fought for others' rights to do so. It looks at coming out stories of teenagers from a range of backgrounds, 1980s protests against laws banning the "promotion" of homosexuality in schools, the challenges that queer people of colour face in accessing and owning their history, and more.

Films For Rebel Girls: Dream Screens – Saturday 8th June, 6:30pm, The Light
A future-facing selection of new shorts created by young people with Pavilion’s Art School for Rebel Girls, a project based in Leeds aimed at fostering confidence, creativity and collaboration between young women.

Praise The Lorde – Sunday 9th June, 7:50pm, The Light
Describing herself as “Black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet”, Audre Lorde died over 25 years ago but her words haven’t stopped being timely. She spoke truth to power, defined self-care as a political act for a black woman in a hostile society, and is responsible for the line "I am not free while any woman is unfree" that was painted on countless placards at the recent Women's March. These short films explore her influence in Britain, looking at treatment of black women activists and the black women who were left out of school history lessons, and include a beautiful tribute to Lorde herself made just a couple of years after her death.

Head to Theatre Deli on Sunday night for the Shapes That Move after-party – with DJs from Deep House Tehran, Pxssy Palace and BEARCAT, a nail bar and more.

[For festival pass holders only: there'll also be a talk on Sunday morning at the Crucible on the subject of archiving the films of feminist film collectives, with members of Leeds Animation Workshop, Liverpool Black Women Filmmakers, Sheffield Film Coop and Club des Femmes.]

Specialist Technique (A British State of Being)

Women of Steel (Operate Heavy Machinery)

A British State of Being – Monday 10th June, 3:45pm, Showroom
Sheffield's feminist film exhibitors Reel Femme will host a conversation with representatives from South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group (SYMAAG) following this set of films exploring notions of "Britishness" past and present.

Operate Heavy Machinery – Monday 10th June, 7:15pm, The Light
The contribution of women workers has often been overlooked by historical narratives. These films are stories of resilience, innovation and solidarity among northern women – including Sheffield's very own Women of Steel, who during wartime took on jobs in munitions factories that before and after were only open to men (read about these women and their commemorative statue).

Another Mother – Tuesday 11th June, 4:45pm, Curzon
Two different films looking at the complexity of mother/daughter relationships: one, an experimental narrative about the anxiety of a mother in Leeds leaving her children to go to work, the other a look at the roles of and ties between four generations of women in an East London family.

This programme of films is one of our Doc/Fest 2019 picks.

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