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The Building of Bridgewater: breathing new life into old walls

Tue. 19 October 2021 at 10:30–12:00


Join Dr Sylvia Travers of RHS Garden Bridgewater in Salford for an online talk charting the regeneration of gardens at Bridgewater from mud to beautiful, productive and wildlife-friendly spaces.

Sylvia joined Bridgewater in October 2018 as team leader for the Inner Walled Garden. At this time the garden was a blank canvas of eleven acres, and Sylvia worked closely with the garden’s designers to achieve the regeneration of the Paradise and Kitchen gardens.

Hosted online by Friends of Sheffield Botanical Gardens.

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Adoptee Voices: What We Wish You Knew

Thu. 21 October 2021

Join Annalisa Toccara (founder of Our Mel) and Shania Ives (co-founder of Adoptee Futures) for an online panel event discussing Black adoption, trauma development, and identity. The webinar will talk about “What Adoptees Wish Their Parents Knew.”

Cinema of Nostalgia | Horror

Tue. 19 October 2021

Theatre Deli

A chilling evening of horror, with horror comedy classic Tales from the Hood (1995), and featuring a talk from Dr Maisha Wester. Cinema of Nostalgia is a monthly film night reviving the late-night movie tradition with a live twist.