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Tchiyiwe Chihana is an award winning British-Zambian creative, activist, writer and speaker who identifies as a womanist and currently the Operations Manager at Utopia Theatre.

Using art for social change, her writing has been published in multiple anthologies including “Different Cultures, One World: Women’s Voices from South Yorkshire,” which she co-produced. Her earliest poetic reflection on African politics and society, “Chisosa: My Secret Corner of Africa” was published in 2012 by English Pen. She runs creative writing workshops with marginalised communities and in 2011 co-authored a chapter in Gille Bolton’s “Write Yourself: Creative Writing for Development.” In 2018, in “Talk About Change: Writing as Resistance” she published an excerpt from her upcoming book “The Land’s Promise.” She has previously worked with renowned Poets River Wolton, Malika Booker, Seni Seneviratne, Roger Robinson as well as sharing a stage with Jackie Kay, Desiree Reynolds among others. She writes on migration, women’s rights, politics and the African diaspora.

Tchiyiwe writes for “Now Then Magazine,” is a campaigner for Universal Basic Income, a Trustee and Assistant Producer of Migration Matters Festival, Board Chair of Maokwo and Executive Director of African Voices Platform TV. She is keen that Africans, especially women, are the drivers of their own narrative and representations. She therefore uses her art platforms to amplify these causes.

Workshops and masterclasses in Utopia Theatre’s Creative Hub are for people of African origin aged 16 and above.

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