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The Sheffield culture guide written by in-the-know locals

Nigel Barker

Our Favourite Places would be nothing without our contributors — a massive thanks to all of them!

Tell us about you…

I am a studio and location photographer working on design and advertising projects, based in Sheffield.

What does Sheffield mean to you?

It's the city I was born in. It's the city my children were born in and it's the city I still call my home. I love Sheffield for its varied mix of people, landscapes and culture.

What’s your favourite Sheffield place?

As an S6 lad I would say the Rivelin and Loxley valleys. They both hold fond memories for me and are still great for a walk, run or cycle. I'd have to have the Nags Head on Loxley Road up there as a top pub for a bite to eat and a fantastic pint of Farmers Pale Ale, brewed a stone's throw away in Bradfield.

What would you do to improve the city?

I would try and get more people into the city centre. How? Better shopping, cheaper parking and new architecture.

Latest contributions

35 Chapel Walk

A small art gallery driven by a "radically inclusive" ethos. Number 35 exists to create a platform for seldom represented expressions and artists who may be otherwise overlooked.

Bungalows and Bears

A fire station turned roomy bar, specialising in lively gigs and DJ nights.

Birdhouse Tea Bar & Kitchen

The city-centre nesting place of the Yorkshire-inspired loose leaf blend creators.

Beer Central

A take-home shop to compliment Sheffield's rich brewing heritage and amazing pubs.