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Friends of the Botanical Gardens

Since forming in 1984, the Friends of the Botanical Gardens Sheffield (FOBS for short) have played an instrumental role in keeping one of the city's most beautiful outdoor spaces, well, beautiful.

The Sheffield Botanical Gardens first opened in 1836. By the time FOBS got together nearly a hundred and fifty years later, the once glorious gardens were declining in areas. FOBS joined with others to help secure funding for restoration work. And since the gardens reopened in 2008, they’ve been contributing to its upkeep, putting on educational activities, workshops and fairs, and hosting a programme of public talks relating to the art and heritage of all things horticulture.

Join FOBS for their spring–summer 2021 season of talks, currently taking place online. Scroll down for upcoming events.

Climate Change, Loss of Biodiversity

Wed. 4 August 2021

Four world-class researchers explore different approaches to urban planting that result in green pleasant places with increased biodiversity.

Where Do Camels Belong?

Tue. 17 August 2021

Friends of the Botanical Gardens host a talk on alien species. Looking at how invasive and non-native plant species can improve diversity.

Creating a New National Collection at Wisley

Tue. 7 September 2021

Horticulturist James Miller shares an insight into the creation at Wisley of the new Astilbe national collection.

Flora Domestica: A Social History of Indoor Plants

Tue. 21 September 2021

Advolly Richmond traces the social history of indoor plants from ancient Japan through to the present day, and highlights the complicated relationship we have with them today.

An Air Quality Garden: an educational tool to learn about and combat air pollution

Tue. 16 November 2021

Find out about the establishment of the Air Quality Garden in Sheffield Botanical Gardens. Discover how plants can be used to monitor air quality, and the effects of pollution on human health.