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The Sheffield culture guide written by in-the-know locals

Changemaker – Leo Waddell

Leo is a transgender boy. He was born female but knew from a very young age that his body didn’t fit his gender identity. At age 11, he changed his name by deed poll and he started seeing a gender specialist to help with his transition, at 12 he began taking hormone blockers to halt the puberty which had begun to distress him. He is now 15 and preparing to start taking testosterone to continue his puberty as a male.

This talk is from Children's Media Conference 2016.

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John Pedder Live Printing

Watch a time-lapse video of a live printing event at Cupola, with printmaker John Pedder and assistant Emily Peak inking up and printing off a 7ft x 4ft woodcut piece called Hinged.


Video highlights of a unique performance, exploring the musical diversity of the city through singing and live coding. Arranged by SONA and featuring 15 live vocal performances across six indoor and outdoor stages at DINA, for Migration Matters 2018.

Steve Fishwick 6

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