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The Sheffield culture guide written by in-the-know locals

Amazing work goes on behind university walls. New ideas constantly bounce from one laboratory or seminar room to the next. With a little help from Sheffield's creative community, that work and those ideas are let loose in the city throughout the Festival of the Mind.

The biennial Festival of the Mind is dedicated to creating something new and engaging out of research. It sees academic and creative minds from Sheffield coming together, to collaborate on projects that present an area of study to the public in the most exciting and engaging of ways. All the subjects you would expect of academia are covered – architecture, science, engineering, history, music, health, literature, and so on – but in very non-academic ways.

The Spiegeltent – a glorious concert hall constructed from wood, canvas and decorative stained glass windows, that is somehow bigger on the inside – lands in Barkers Pool each Festival of the Mind and acts as the main festival venue, with other events and installations scattered across the city centre.

Festival of the Mind 2022 will take place in September – come back soon for dates and details.

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