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The Sheffield culture guide written by in-the-know locals

GameCity Adventures is a free, outdoor pop-up adventure trail, organised by the folks at the National Videogame Museum. Join in this October half term in Sheffield city centre.

“Sheffield is running out of time! Can you repair the clock and save the city?”

Sheffield Town Hall Clock Tower is five minutes ahead of the rest of the world.

124 years of being ahead has created a rift – a time leak across the city.

Times from other worlds are leaking through the shiny surfaces of the city and muddling with our own. Strange things are happening.

Sheffield’s finest clockmaker needs your help to put it right!

On Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 October, public spaces, museums, cafes and independent retailers across Sheffield city centre will host a whole bunch of games and activities. Players will collect a ‘play pack’ from one of the outdoor locations or indoor venues, which encourages them to move through the city centre, visit and search specific areas, and play a variety of activities.

At each location, successful players will receive a second that will help heal Sheffield’s Time Rift. Once players have completed five different challenges, they will be asked to present their seconds to the Sheffield Clockmaker at a hidden venue in the city centre. The players will then have completed their trail, and helped mend the rift in time!

There'll be over a dozen game sites across the city, each with a different activity – ranging from accessible analogue games to collection of clues to physical games. Some activities are self-led while others will be facilitated by volunteers or museum crew. Each play/visit earns a stamp which will be redeemable at the end for goods or discounts at the National Videogame Museum and its partner venues.

To take part, sign up in advance. You'll then receive details on how to get started, including where to pick up your game map and play pack during the weekend.

Locations include:
The Crucible: Adelphi Room
Orchard Square
National Emergency Services Museum
Pinball Park
Millenium Gallery
Treehouse Board Game Cafe
Union Street
Sheffield Central Library
The Workstation
Sheffield Cathedral
Cathedral Square
Barkers Pool / City Hall Garden
Millenium Square
Winter Garden
National Videogame Museum

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