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The Sheffield culture guide written by in-the-know locals

Armarni Lane Turton

Our Favourite Places would be nothing without our contributors — a massive thanks to all of them!

Tell us about you…
Curly haired Capricorn and disco fanatic from a lovely little city called Sheffield! Pasta connoisseur and proud mother to a beautiful little boy and a dozen almost as beautiful plants.

What does Sheffield mean to you?
Sheffield is like an Aladdin's cave of wondrous places, people and achievements. If you know where to look, you can find treasure all around!

What’s your favourite Sheffield place?
My favourite place would have to be Graves Park. I love the colours, crowds and chaos of the city, but nothing beats the beauty and magic of nature.

What would you do to improve the city?
More colour! Less littering, and fines in place for people who swear in public or engulf you in grape flavoured vape clouds when you walk within 5 metres of them.

Latest contributions


Thu. 22 February 2024 — Sat. 18 May 2024

Soft Ground

An exhibition and events programme by Sheffield-based artist Ashley Holmes, exploring the relationship between landscapes, music and belonging.

Irving Berlin's White Christmas

Sat. 9 December 2023 — Sat. 13 January 2024

Crucible Theatre

This year's Crucible Christmas musical. "A charming ode to the Golden Age of Hollywood and a celebration of showmanship." Read more in our review by Armarni Lane Turton.

Anna Hibiscus' Song

Fri. 7 July 2023 — Sun. 30 July 2023

A much-loved African children's story comes to life through puppetry, dance, music and traditional storytelling. With performances at Sheffield Theatres' Playhouse, The Montgomery, and community venues across the city.

Typical Girls

Fri. 24 September 2021 — Sat. 16 October 2021

Crucible Theatre

Five incarcerated women navigate their experiences via the medium of music and the power of punk, breathing life into the songs of legendary Brit punk band The Slits. Read our review.