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The Sheffield culture guide written by in-the-know locals

Panni Loh

Our Favourite Places would be nothing without our contributors — a massive thanks to all of them!

Tell us about you…
I'm a British Chinese artist and writer and have lived in Sheffield all of my adult life after leaving university. I'm of triple heritage as my father was Malaysian Chinese and my mother White English. My maternal grandmother was from Yorkshire and my paternal grandparents Southern China.

I'm a mother, grandmother, wife, sister and daughter and like to celebrate family, heritage and place – mine and others, which informs my art and writing. In 1999 I set up the Abbeyfield Festival celebrating diverse cultures in Pitsmoor, where I was living at that time. I love meeting people of different cultures and opening my mind, heart and appreciation of different ways to live/perspectives. In my opinion life would be a barren landscape without arts, culture and the abundance of nature.

What does Sheffield mean to you?
Sheffield is home; the vibrancy of diverse cultures and new energy from university students; the theatres, cinemas, art galleries; the five rivers, 170 woodlands and the Peak District on the doorstep; straight forward talking and warmth.

What’s your favourite Sheffield place?
I love Ecclesall Woods, independent shops on London Road.

What would you do to improve the city?
Bring back the 5p and 10p bus fares or even make them 50p or £1, reorganise the roads so that cycle lanes and pedestrian paths are separate from cars/buses. Create a co-ordinated book/website of Sheffield's Cultural Heritage events.

Latest contributions

Four Quadrants of the Sky 四大神獸: Eelyn Lee & Collaborators

Fri. 15 September 2023 — Sat. 14 October 2023

Bloc Projects

An immersive installation from artist-filmmaker Eelyn Lee in collaboration with a group of UK-based Hong Kongers. Presenting new mythical characters in reference to Chinese celestial thinking, exploring homeland, selfhood and legacies of unbelonging.