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Sarah Cockburn → Our Favourite Places – Sheffield Culture Guide

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The Sheffield culture guide written by in-the-know locals

Sarah Cockburn

Our Favourite Places would be nothing without our contributors — a massive thanks to all of them!

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What does Sheffield mean to you?

Green, warmth (temperament not climate), culture, character.

What’s your favourite Sheffield place?

Does the Peak District count as a Sheffield place? It’s the best back garden a city could have.

What would you do to improve the city?

I would dig up the ring road, fill it with water and make it into a canal, turning the tyranny of traffic into a picturesque waterway – Yorkshire’s answer to Venice. More realistically, I’d ban banal new-builds in favour of the refurbishment of Sheffield’s most architecturally pleasing derelict buildings.

Latest contributions

Chapel Decorative Interiors

The ideal place to ogle classic mid-century British and Scandinavian furniture.

Tim Etchells

The writer, artist and artistic director has some amazing ideas on how to improve the city.

The Broadfield

There’s nowhere better to enjoy a pint of ale and a fat golden pie than the Broadie. It's our favourite place for a Sunday roast too, and we're still working our way through their whiskey map of Scotland.

Forced Entertainment

Sheffield’s Forced Entertainment were once the "enfants terribles" of the avant-garde theatre scene. Now, after 30 years, they’re the elder statesman of contemporary performance.