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The Sheffield culture guide written by in-the-know locals

This Is Ballroom

Sat. 15 June 2024

Mon. 17 June 2024

In Rio de Janeiro's vibrant outskirts, Brazil's thriving ballroom houses convene in a sweaty, euphoric and electrifying competition. This Is Ballroom, directed by queer Brazilian artists Juru and Vitã, showcases the city's top houses, embodying freedom and transformation for queer people of colour.

Book now:
13 June, 6pm, Showroom
15 June, 3:30pm, Curzon
17 June, 8pm, Showroom

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Harder Than The Rock

Sat. 15 June 2024 — Sun. 16 June 2024

The captivating journey of Cimarons, the pioneering UK band embracing Jamaica's new reggae sound in the 70s. Despite working with legends like Bob Marley, they're yet to be recognised. Battling exploitation and loss, they dream of one last live show.

Perinatal Dreaming. Understanding Country

Wed. 12 June 2024 — Mon. 17 June 2024

Site Gallery

Marianne Wobcke’s VR artwork explores perinatal trauma as one of many Indigenous children forcibly separated from their mother at birth. This meditative experience addresses spiritual, emotional and biological aspects of consciousness from the womb.